Human Resources
Human Resources Policy
Soyserin Metal Ltd. Şti. Our aim as the human resources team; is to bring the right people to our company, to support them in reaching their potential, and thus to add value for our company to achieve its goals.
Due to our management approach that puts people at the center, Soyserin Metal Ltd. Şti. The Human Resources Department is of strategic importance. We are responsible for providing a fair and performance-oriented work environment for our employees with our ethical, clear and consistent procedures and practices.
Training and Development Programs
Start-up Training is organized for new recruits to learn about the culture, rules and procedures of our company and to adapt to their jobs easily.
Soyserin Metal Ltd. Şti. training needs of its employees; It is determined by the managers and the Human Resources department; Appropriate trainings are organized to develop professional skills and competencies, taking into account personal demands and needs.